About Us

In its first incarnation, A Cappella was a pizza joint.

Owner Todd Rutter served pizza from a stand at University of Alberta’s legendary campus bar, Room At The Top. The pizza booth was called A Cappella Pizza and gave Todd the first taste of running a food service operation.

In 1988 he diversified the menu, changed the name to A Cappella Cafe and moved the operation next to Club Fit on 99 Street. When customers caught on to the quality and originality of the food, both they and Todd realized the menu was conducive to catering. With the increasing popularity of the catering side of the business, A Cappella developed into a full fledges, off-site catering company, closing down the restaurant and opening up a commercial kitchen in the Westmount area in 1991.

A Cappella Catering started out with three staff and a tiny fleet of Volkswagen vans. Word spread about A Cappella’s catering capabilities… a tasty, diverse, fresh menu and a friendly and hard-working staff. 19 years later, A Cappella has become one of Edmonton’s premiere catering companies. The company employs more than 30 full time kitchen and front end employees and a host of part time servers and bartenders, serving thousands of customers annually, from offices ordering lunch to couples planning their wedding to major firms organizing gala events.

In March 2002, with the business increasing at a rate of more than 15% every year since inception, A Cappella made the leap to a larger facility, custom renovated for the needs of a thriving catering company. In a new 8,000 square foot home, the management, kitchen staff and front end staff operates as a team of seasoned professionals, dedicated to producing their best in food and service. Customers still remark on the excellence of the menu- both its variety and taste- and on the personal, accommodating service.

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