Why don't you give prices over the phone?

We want to make sure you get an accurate price, and sometimes that’s hard to do without a little research and figuring on our part. When you call us, we’ll ask you some questions that will help us plan and price a menu. Then we can fax, email or mail you a proposal. This doesn’t take long, and if you’re in a rush, we can get it done right away.

As well, if you’re shopping around, we encourage you to get a written quote from everyone so you can make a proper comparison.

We do have set pricing for our lunches and breakfasts, since these menus are generally standard. See these menu pages for details.

Do you have a minimum number of people that you cater for?

We require ten or more guests for orders featuring hot food. Cold menus require four or more guests.

We can suggest other options if you’ve got a smaller guest list and would like something hot.

Can you accommodate allergies or other special dietary needs?

Yes. All dietary menus are listed on our web page. If a specific need is required, we will accommodate. Final details for dietary needs will be due with your final guest count. 

How do you keep the food hot on the way to our function?

The food leaves our kitchen with just enough time to get to your function and set up for your event. It’s put in stainless steel dishes, covered with foil, and shipped in thermal containers which are air-tight and will keep food items at the right temperature for hours. Once the buffet is set up at your event, the food is then transferred to chafing dishes, heat lamps or steamtables to be held at optimal temperatures.

Can we supply alcohol for our party?

Yes. We recommend this – and it’s economical for you to supply alcohol and mix. You need to comply with the liquor laws, which may mean purchasing a permit (available from liquor merchants). That said, if you’d prefer we handle the supply, we’d be happy to. We would charge you based on consumption.

What's corkage?

In the catering business, corkage refers to the supplies necessary to run a bar. Different companies define this in different ways. Corkage could include glassware, bar tools, mix or all of the above. At A Cappella, we supply these things, but we don’t charge an all-in-one corkage fee.

How do we book our event once we've decided on the details?

We take phone, internet and email orders for smaller jobs (lunches, breakfasts) and for those that happen on short notice. For others, we’ll supply you a quote (see Quote Request) and once we’ve nailed down the details with you, we’ll send you out a confirmation statement. This is a guarantee we will cater for you. You don’t need to know your final numbers- those can be settled closer to the date.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Certified Cheque, Mastercard, Visa, American Express or e-Transfer. Sorry, we are not set up for debit.

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